“The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality, and it was vitality that seemed to seep out of me.” – Andrew Solomon

Depression is a disease. It kills many of people every day and whether you or me or anyone else looks around someone else has died to suicide. Now we must come to terms that it’s a problem. Living life in denial isn’t the best solution.

I’m not blaming you for straight out ignoring what me or you have but we do get to a certain point and we push things under the rug. We go through life and smile thinking everything is fine hoping one day we truly will become happy. I’m here to tell you that is denial.

Recognizing that every day is not perfect is the first step to truly understanding what you have. You have a disease. It sucks doesn’t it? Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I mean yeah, I know I can only help so much right? I’m the words on your screen right now but I’m going to give you the secret to life. In just five easy steps below you to will be on your road to happiness.

  1. Breaking The Cycle: we tend to fall in this pattern as humans that we have to be perfect so as a defense mechanism we do what we have to do to survive. NO YOU MUST BREAK THE CYCLE! It starts with you. If you don’t feel good today okay recognize that feeling. Say something. Acknowledge it. Make someone listen because how can you help someone else when you need help yourself. My grandma always said, ” Vanessa your not wonder woman.” I knew I wasn’t but who doesn’t want to keep trying. I’m living proof it’s a disaster.
  2. Living In Your Truth: people with depression like us always lie to ourselves. It’s just something we do. NOOOO! It’s not something we do. It’s something we need to drop. You already learned when your break the cycle good stuff come your way. Okay well now walk into who you truly are. If you like something, buy it. Life is to short to deny our shortcomings. That is exactly what lieing to yourself is. You deny yourself before you can even be accepted.
  3. Take A Look: ahhh the fresh air, green grass, fresh roses. The bacon cooking. It smells good right? Well take a look around you. Notice who is around you. Notice that you are not alone. Even if you have nobody to physically talk to we live in the age where we have the internet. USE IT! It’s where I met my best friend and no I’m not talking about blogging but an actual person. Sometimes its okay to use the internet for good purposes.
  4. BE BOLD: who wants the attention? Why would I want someone looking at me judging me? Why do I have to please them? NOOOO! Shut that voice down. It’s not telling you the truth. To my grandma to yours she’s also said, “The devil is a lie and the truth ain’t in him.” I agree if the devil wanted you to believe something most likely would be a lie. So why not do the opposite of what that little voice says. Be expressive. Show the world that little fashion sense. What the heck, girl put the mascara and the blush and wear that purple lipstick. DO YOU BOO BOO! YOU GOT THIS!
  5. Respect: I’m going to give this raw and no sugar coat. We have lost respect in this generation. As a milineal I am disappointed quite frankly. All the things that someone dear to us took the time to raise us right we disregard. We must have respect for the ones who went through the same struggle. When you truly have respect for them you have respect for yourself.