True Example Of Black Girl Magic

Black girl magic means so many things in our community. Being a young African American woman who hasn’t even branched out beyond my family has really changed me to do something different where I can be free. This is my four-page letter when I tell ya’ll Kimberly Bryant has changed the world for us. Yea, her name doesn’t ring a bell yet but it’s a shame in our community that none of the people are getting recognized for still bringing a change in our generation. Kimberly literally paved the road for young black girls like myself. She created a program that enables women of color to be able to study computer programming, coding, and anything that has to do with building a website. It’s a non- profit organization that is solely funded by donations. Kimberly saw something rhat needed to change.

It started with her daughter who was the only black girl at her camp. For any race, imagine being the only person there. You would feel scared, intimidated but her daughter stood her ground. That’s what we need to do and become a voice for change.

I may not be interested in many computer programs out there but I know when I was a little kid and I had ideas. I was scared of what people would think because I wasn’t just a girl, I was a black girl. Now you tell me what you want that to mean.