Seems like everybody has there misconceptions of what it means to be black but that is not the case. Not only are we not destined to survive we are just one huge statistic.

Tell me if I’m wrong. Either someone is getting shot or slain and it doesn’t even matter if it’s not cops. You know why? It’s because the biggest battle we face is with ourselves. We can’t seem to fight the battle within no matter how hard we try.

We as human beings, in America, cannot seem to be a part of history. Black can mean so many things but I think it has truly taught people to fight. We got to fight these streets to go to school, cops, teachers robbing us of our blessings. We are DETERMINED! I’m callin all my brothers and sistas to take a stand with me.

I built this website not knowing what to do and how to make a change but I found it. In time, I have a vision and we will stand. We can fight against our demons. If we support each other help out young black kids we can go so far. Stand with arms, not guns. Please excuse me if I come across rude, but I see a problem that I gotta fix. I can’t do it by myself so stand with me. We can do this. I don’t know how but its new for all of us.

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