To exclude, by general consent, from society friendship, conversation, privileges, etc.

This is the harsh reality many African – Americans have to face to this day. From within our own background their is a sense of division within the community. Yes, there is a divide when other races are involved but it seems to point as why are we so divided to each other? Why do we put labels in the Black Community where it becomes a substantial weight to carry?

From being to focused and intelligent it seems as if one is “acting white”, when that simply doesn’t make sense. To “act black’ while going to school it seemed like I had to do the most to fit in. It came to a point where I really didn’t care who thought what and I was gonna do me. I just could never get over the gripping reality as to where do these thoughts come from and where do they originate. To “be black” when your older is completely different. It’s as if your almost handed a role you didn’t sign up for.

While I can’t be completely oblivious to the ongoing reality, I can say that sometimes it still shocks me. To be shunned from job applications, to wanting to take certain classes. The list goes on and on. The reasons start piling up and before you know it they all sound the same.

Now to “be black” it means you have to give 150% than a white person would have to. If you truly want something, you must stand out for whatever it is, however small. Being black can mean isolation from all sources of people including your own. The discussion is, how do you stop it?