Okay guys, so I find this to be a very controversial issue at the moment. I discovered this by looking through reddit as many are familiar with, other users share their ideas by looking at other peoples posts or post thoughts. Similar to tumblr.

So the first thing that comes to mind is why does the NAACP want us to #deletefacebook? I don’t really keep up with the news but apparently Russian forces used our votes that we would normally cast for Hilary and tried to persuade us to otherwise not vote by false advertising using Facebook’s network. Facebook is a huge platform and all countries use it to network for diffrent reasons.

Lately, Zuckerberg has been catching harsh criticism for selling users information for profit. He vehemently denies all allegations that he does so stating, “We do not sell data to advertisers.”

Me being me, anyone can make a statement like that. With everything coming to light I believe he needs to show some type of proof that he doesn’t sell our information. Being an african American woman who uses facebook as a daily means of communication and knowing my voting rights I believe what he is doing is unconstitutional.

Regardless of who you are, we need to stand up for a change and for stricter privacy policies.

This shows a prime example of how black people have fallen victim to politics. I’m here to state facts, give you the real, and let you for your own opinion on how wicked the world really is.

– Vanessa, Into the Scope