Now, I know guys I haven’t made a post in awhile. I would love to talk about spirituality today. I can’t say personally if it’s a black thing or not, but growing up in a black household I was always taught to go to God for anything. Problems, advice,tribulations, literally the whole nine. I’ve gotten better at discovering myself through faith. It has taught me my limits. It has taught me that I can succeed. It has taught me having faith, you have a story to tell. I’m here to tell my story to you. To tell you, as a 19 african american female it wasn’t easy.

I reached my biggest accomplishment at 16 years old. It was when I realized I had finally began to heal. It was when I said enough is enough. My brother had molested me for years. I think that word is so harsh though. I love my brother and in my head I didn’t want him to exit my life. I knew he wasn’t healthy I guess but I pushed it aside. It came to a point when I knew that I was being molested but I didn’t know how to say something. I completely lost faith. Failing all my classes sophmore year. Literally was over it.

One day I went over to my grandma’s. We were watching a movie not to serious but in the end I remember saying “my brother hurt me.” She said, “what do you mean he hurt you?” I looked at her and at first I was talking about an emotional hurt. He mentally kept me in chains. Thats what I was referring to, but everything slipped out. It was like I wanted to get my power back from someone who had it for so long. I never knew I had strength that day. I never knew I had God. I was so wrong. There is power within strength.