Even though it’s not black history month I would like to start off early. What is the true story behind pepsi you may ask? Well pepsi used a very intelligent and inspiring marketing tactic. It targeted negro culture in the early 1940’s.

Walter Mack knew their was undeveloped potential in the black community. He hired Hennan Smith, who was an advertising executive for “the negro market.” They ended up closing the paper due to world war II.

The main marketing tactic Pepsi used was to portray African Americans in a positive light. At this time black people were ignored. They were looked as less than human. Pepsi were the first major company to give African Americans a platform.

Coca-Cola, its rivals were still set in their ways to ignore African Americans. Coca-Cola supported segragtionist German Herman Talmadge. As a result for pepsi fighting for black rights, they received many threats. At this time Jim Crow laws were still in place.

In 1950, Pepsi’s sales dramatically increased. African Americans purchased Pepsi over Coke. Pepsi strategies of seeing African Americans in a better light than Harriet Tubman or an Uncle Tom. Pepsi truly saw black Americans apart of society.